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Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to EVs In the Park

Rule number 1 to 4 are a priority on the day we are forbidden to allow movement of vehicle's within the grounds once we vehicles are parked within the event field, Event marshals will be on hand during the start and the end of the event to guide you to your parking position.

In the event of an emergency we will allow the said vehicle access to exit but this will need to be actioned by the marshals on the day no vehicle is to move out of the times allocated unless approved by marshals, Anyone moving vehicles within the times of 11am & 4pm will be asked to stop unless it is an emergency.

The event has strict guidelines about the above and below our insurances only covers for movement within these times as this is a public park any movement within the park is illegal without prior authorization from the park or events team.

1: Gates open 9am - 11am - Gates will be manned by marshals

2: Speed limit on site is 5mph

3: No movement of vehicles between 11am & 4pm unless its an emergency

4: No moving vehicles once parked by marshals

5: All litter must be removed from the park before leaving

6: You must be clear of the park by 5pm

7: Social distancing under Government guidelines must be adhered to

8: The event is for 100% electric vehicles only no Range extenders, Hybrids, Plug In Hybrids, Diesel, Petrol vehicles are allowed within the grounds.

9: Please remember social distancing still needs to be observed and face masks will be required in any indoor spaces. Please bring your own supply of sanitiser & face coverings.

10: The event organisers will be not held responsible for any loss or theft or damage of any vehicles or equipment whilst attending the event.

11: No wheel spinning or handbrake turns on any of the grounds anyone caught doing such activities will be removed instantly.

12: No loud music from vehicles or speaker systems

13: No trade stands allowed unless you are a registered sponsor of the event

14: No selling of goods while at the event (Transactions are forbidden)

15: No petrol or diesel generators allowed at any time

16: No BBQ's allowed within the park grounds.

17: Flags or gazebos only permitted within the sponsors area not within the vehicles parking areas.

18: Free Drinks & Food during event is limited please respect this for others


19: Disabled parking will be allocated priority front row. 

EVITP 2021

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