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2020 EVITP Changes

We are already in the process of sorting out next years event for EVs in the park, And we plan on making it even bigger again for you all, Keeping it totally Free to all the EV owners and public.

But there is some exciting changes coming for 2020.

No:1 - Coventry Council have agreed to help and support this event this year and next to create an even better experience for you all. And the big change for this will be a new location with Coventry. Still keeping with the park theme we will hopefully be moving the event to an even bigger and better location to help with traffic control, The great thing about this new location it has more to offer. Keep an eye out for updates later in the year.

No:2 - This is the biggest change that will maybe affect a small amount of people attending, we will be changing the event to only allow 100% Pure electric vehicles to attend. 2019 event will be the last event where we allow REX vehicles to join the event. This has been talked about alot and we feel making this event truely a 100% Electric event is the way forward for the future of promoting 100% Electric vehicles.

No:3 - We maybe moving the event to a weekend event also making this a full two day event for all bringing you the chance to enjoy the event over 2 days or either one of the days, As this is a social event for all attending this will make it alot more relaxing and less pushed to try and do everything in one day.

See you all on the 24th August and if you have any questions please come and speek to us on the day.

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